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July 27, 2015

  • LTC: Sales Idea Booklet
    This booklet includes tips, ideas, and much more to help you succeed in selling long-term care insurance.
  • LTC NewsJuly 23rd edition
    In this issue:
    • Know the Sweet Spot: Tailored Benefit Increase Option -early years
    • Transamerica LTC to Exhibit at WFG Conference
    • New Customized Training for Groups
    • Transamerica Attends White House Conference on Aging
    • LTCi in the News
    • Team Transamerica’s Zach Johnson Wins British Open

July 20, 2015

  • Americans need to change how they think about dying
    Efforts to improve end-of-life care policy are getting, and should get, bipartisan support, the authors say.
  • Genworth's Privileged Choice Flex
  • Genworth's in-force rate action announcements
  • Performance LTC Investment Strategy Brochure
    John Hancock’s Performance LTC policy is supported by a unique investment strategy designed to diversify risk and enhance the long-term yield. This Performance LTC Investment Strategy Brochure will provide you with an overview of the investment approach that includes a broad array of fixed income and alternative long-duration assets.
  • In-force rate action notifications for August
    In late August, John Hancock will begin policyholder notifications for the next round of policies impacted by the 2010 and 2013 in-force rate actions. Get details.
  • Understanding John Hancock's claims process
    This new Process at a Glance flier is intended to provide claimants with a broad overview of the claims process; including requirements that must be satisfied to expedite reimbursement, as well as average processing times.
  • Mutual of Omaha's rate increase on in-force LTCi business in CO, NM, NC, UT & WAeffective October 1st
    View the bulletin.

July 13, 2015

  • Producer Guide to In-Force Rate Action
    The 2015 Producer Guide to IFA provides information to help you and your clients through the rate action process and provides an overview of:
    • Genworth’s in-force review process
    • The rate increases we’ve requested on a nation-wide basis, by product and benefit period
    • Client options with tips on how you can help them find the appropriate option to fit their needs and financial situation, and
    • Helpful references to the Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey
    • Important resources; including:
      • Individual Policyholder Letters
      • Field Bulletins, by state
      • Sales and marketing videos
      • Education Resources
  • Let's Talk Long Term Care - conversations that make a difference
    Help your client find the words to start the conversation. Visit the Long Term Care Sales Center for Genworth’s entire suite of Let’s Talk material.
  • Genworth's Privileged Choice Flex 3
  • Revisions to MutualCare Solutions Product & Underwriting Guide and process
    Improvements and revisions are being made to the MutualCare Solutions Product & Underwriting Guide and its underwriting Processes.
  • Transamerica's LTC NewsJuly 9th edition
    In this issue:
    • The TALTC BIO Sweet Spots
    • What Makes Transamerica Secure Different
    • New Material Available for CT & FL

July 6, 2015

  • John Hancock executive talks about LTCI rates
    Michael Doughty says premiums should be more stable going forward.
  • 4 steps toward keeping clients from stepping into a world of hurt
    A little elderproofing could keep your clients out of the hospital, the nursing home, and the grave.
  • The Benefits of Smaller Policies, Smaller Premiums
    Adjusting policy benefits and provisions can lower premiums and motivate buyers.
  • JHAM Radio Broadcast
    Listen to this JHAM Radio Broadcast to learn more about Performance LTC – John Hancock’s newest long-term care insurance product. Performance LTC offers the most competitively priced premiums on the market today, along with flexible features and options that will give your clients greater control over their premiums and benefits.
  • Recent portfolio rate of return on Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder
    The most recent Portfolio Rate of Return (PRR) on John Hancock's Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder product is 10.84%. This increase over previous PRRs is due to a gain from a one-time re-balancing in the portfolio. Please see the fliers below for more information.
  • Aligning LTC and life insurance “dual submission” guidelines
    This article outlines the new practice John Hancock will follow when we receive a long-term care application on the same client from more than one agent.
  • Updated LTCi Cost of Care Book
    Use this book to help your clients understand what they can expect to pay on average for long-term care services.
  • LTC04i rate adjustment approved for Virginia
    Beginning October 1, 2015, Mutual of Omaha will implement a rate adjustment in Virginia. View the announcement.

June 29, 2015

  • Talk about Long Term Carethere’s more than one solution
    Genworth has partnered with LifeHealthPro to bring you the following tools:
    • Improving clients LTCI underwriting odds
      You can position clients for better underwriting results by following these steps.
    • Leverage and Long-Term Care Insurance
      Clients can overlook the benefits of leverage with long-term care insurance. Read this article to learn more.
    • 5 Habits of Top LTC Producers
      The most successful sellers have a somewhat different approach than others.
    • The Importance of Being a Guide video
      Ken Dychtwald, PhD - a leading gerontologist and foremost expert on aging - tells the story of a rafting trip with his son. The story is an analogy of why having a guide is important in your client's financial and LTC planning. View the video now.
    • How would you pay for Long Term Carewhitepaper
      This consumer-oriented white paper will assist you to broach the topic of LTC with your clients. Its topics include: how much could long term care cost, what are your options for paying for LTC, why LTC insurance is important.
  • Mutual of Omaha's new Long-Term Care E-AppNOW AVAILABLE
    Learn more.
  • California compliance for LTCi products
    Effective immediately, per California Insurance Code 10232.65, the insurer must notify the applicant within 60 days from the date the application is signed whether or not the applicant will be issued a policy of insurance.  Therefore, if the application is still pending during that period, the application will be withdrawn.
  • Transamerica's LTC NewsJune 25th edition
    In this issue:
    • 5 best multi-life tips
    • DRA Partnership Reference Guide
    • New HPE process for smaller multi-life cases

June 22, 2015

  • Is an inflation rider critical to a long-term care plan?
    What if there are two paths to a goal, and one goes through a whirlwind?
  • Why a premium-first approach for presenting LTC may be most effective
    Maybe the folks selling term life are on to something.
  • Leverage and Long-Term Care Insurance
    Clients can overlook the benefits of leverage with long-term care insurance.
  • Genworth's Privileged Choice Flex 3
    • Privileged Choice Flex 3 enhanced in 35 stateseffective July 20th
      View the bulletin.
    • Privileged Choice Flex 3 to launch in Marylandeffective July 20th
      Read the bulletin.
    • Privileged Choice Flex 3 enhanced for in-force policyholderseffective July 20th
      View the bulletin.
  • Genworth quoting tool & producer guide on in-force rate action resource center
    Learn more.
  • John Hancock's Performance LTC
    • Introduction to Performance LTC - presentation now available
      For an in-depth look at Performance LTC’s innovative product features, check out this PowerPoint presentation. It includes detailed speaker notes and is a great way to familiarize yourself with this ground breaking coverage.
    • Performance LTC Seller's Guide - now available in print
      The Performance LTC Seller’s Guide highlights the many advantages that Performance LTC has to offer your clients; as well as ways you can position the product.
  • Mutual of Omaha rate increase on in-force LTCi business in IA, NV & NJeffective September 1st
    View the announcement.

June 15, 2015

  • How to sell LTC insurance to young clients
    Younger people have proven reluctant to buy long-term care insurance, but that doesn’t mean advisors should overlook the need.
  • Five steps in the LTCi sales process
    Get the sales and marketing tools you need for every step of the LTCi sales process.
  • Transamerica's LTC News June 11th edition
    In this issue:
    • 5 ways to find multi-life prospects
    • June training schedule
    • 2015 AALTCi Sales Summit open for registration
    • MA updated CMS Buyers Guide & bulletin

June 8, 2015

  • John Hancock Inforce rate action notifications for late June
    In late June, we will begin policyholder notifications on the next round of John Hancock and Fortis policies impacted by the 2010 and 2013 Inforce rate actions, which will have an effective date beginning with anniversaries on or after September 1, 2015. Click here for complete details, including information about specific rate increase implementation handling in Missouri.
    • The 2013 rate action notifications will include John Hancock LTCI individual policies originally issued in Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and Utah. Also, we will continue the implementation in Connecticut and begin notifications for additional products in that state. Fortis LTCI individual policies originally issued in Connecticut and Missouri are also impacted.
    • The 2010 rate action will include John Hancock LTCI individual policies originally issued in Arizona and Iowa.
  • JH LTC Desktop Illustrator ERROR - Employer Sponsored Groups not available in CA
    The desktop version of JH LTC Illustrator is allowing users to select Employer Sponsored Groups, which is incorrect. This is a reminder that Employer Groups for the Sponsored Group Discount Program are not available on Custom Care III in California because the product only has gender distinct rates (unisex rates are used in the employer sponsored group market). Please note that the web version of JH LTC Illustrator, as well as LTC Captivate, are not impacted and the functionality in these systems for the Sponsored Group discount is correct. The functionality of the JH LTC Illustrator desktop version will be corrected in August.
  • John Hancock Performance LTC
    • Performance LTC A Closer Look: Sales Illustration
      The second flier in the “A Closer Look” series is now available. It covers all aspects of the new sales illustration including the signature requirement and the custom illustration options. View the new A Closer Look: Sales Illustration now.
    • Performance LTC Seller’s Guide
      The Performance LTC Seller’s Guide is now available. The guide highlights the many advantages that Performance LTC has to offer your clients.
    • Performance LTC trade advertising campaign
      John Hancock is promoting Performance LTC over the coming months with both print and digital advertising . Print ads will be running in such popular trade publications as Broker World, Financial Advisor, and National Underwriter this month, as well as in July, August, October, and November. Our digital ads will appear in Insurance Newsnet and Life Health Pro later this year. Click here for a sample of the print advertisement.
  • Updated needs-based materials and quiz brochure - now available in compact states
    John Hancock’s needs-based prospecting and marketing materials focus on target markets. The Needs Overview Brochure and presentation describe the issues surrounding long term care as well as the importance of LTC insurance. The target market brochures - Women's, Boomer's and Gay and Lesbian - are designed to prospect for long term care in these specific markets. Also, the popular LTC Quiz Brochure - an interactive tool you can use to assess your clients' knowledge about long-term care issues - has been updated.
  • LTC Post Issue eDocuments
    John Hancock Long-Term Care is excited to announce the expansion of eDocuments - their popular eDelivery service - to include electronic access to key post issue policy documents. With this expansion, they have discontinued producer mailings of the post issue documents that are now available through the eDocuments service. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions flyer to learn more.
  • MutualCare Solutions - how to use the cash benefit
    Products in the MutualCare Solutions portfolio include a built-in cash benefit that can be helpful to policy-owners and their families. When selected in lieu of traditional reimbursement benefits, the cash can be used for any long-term care related expense. There's no elimination period to satisfy, no bills to collect and submit, and no worrying about whether an expense will be covered.  Learn more about the different uses for the cash benefit.
  • LTC: The Cost of Waiting
    Help your clients understand that long-term care insurance is something they should consider buying. This self-mailer highlights the need for LTCi, the reason to buy now and the real cost of waiting — all important considerations for your clients.

June 1, 2015

  • Genworth in-force Rate Action for FL
    Get details.
  • LTC prospecting material
    A new prospecting piece is now available to help your clients understand that long-term care insurance is something they should consider buying. This self-mailer from Mutual of Omaha highlights the two ways to receive policy benefits, the flexibility of cash and other important items your clients should consider. The mailer explains how your client will have the ability to receive policy benefits in cash one month and reimbursement the next.
  • Transamerica's LTC NewsMay 28th edition
    In this issue:
    • Capture missed multi-life opportunities
    • New materials to help you succeed with individual sales
    • New consumer video from AALTCI
    • Reminder on 3% BIO suspension