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Recent LTC News

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September 29, 2014
  • 5 ways to kill the LTCI slump
    You have plenty of excuses to give up. Here's how to keep going.
  • LTCI is too expensive and complex. Right?
    Until recently, affordability and complexity made it harder for you to offer your clients long term care insurance (LTCI). Now you can overcome both challenges with Genworth's FlexFit packages. FlexFit packages help you design a Privileged Choice Flex 3 policy that best fits your clients’ needs. They start at less than $100 a month for qualified applicants, making it easier to fit LTCI into clients' budgets.  And, their prepackaged features and benefits help make the product simpler to understand, explain, and sell. Check out Genworths’ special site where you can learn more about FlexFit packages. You can also view the following case studies that show the different FlexFit packages that can help meet your client’s LTCI needs:
  • 2013 and 2010 in-force rate action notifications for late October
    The 2013 in-force rate action includes John Hancock LTCI individual policies originally issued in New Mexico and Wisconsin. Also, we will continue implementation in Arizona and begin notifications for additional products in that state. The 2010 rate action applies to John Hancock and Fortis LTCI individual policies in Texas, where we will continue implementation and begin notifications for additional products in that state.  Click here for more information.
  • Updated Sponsored Group consumer materials
    Now that employee benefits season is here again, it may be a good time for you to seek out new LTC insurance sales opportunities in the worksite and affinity marketplaces. John Hancock is prepared to support your efforts by providing you with updated consumer marketing material for the Sponsored Group Discount Program, available in all states except Hawaii. Get a list of materials for Employer and Affinity markets. Also, make sure you have the correct the application booklets. 
  • LTC Sales Idea
    How do you get people talking about long-term care? Check out this month's sales idea from Mutual of Omaha.
September 22, 2014
September 15, 2014
September 8, 2014
September 2, 2014
  • Underwriting Family History for LTC - updates
  • LTC compensation for Wisconsin - reminder
  • John Hancock product & pricing changes - effective September 8th
    Changes will be made to John Hancock products and pricing for all new business effective September 8th.  The changes include:  1) product & rate changes for Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder in Arizona, Delaware, Florida, South Dakota, and New Jersey, and 2) product & rate changes for Custom Care III Partnerships in Connecticut and Indiana. 
    Important Transition Guidelines: 
    Paper applications for current rates, benefits, and products must be signed on or prior to September 7th and received in the home office by September 8th.  LTC Captivate business must be signed and submitted to through the system prior to September 7th.
  • John Hancock underwriting process changes - effective September 8th in Florida and Hawaii
    Learn about the process changes taking effect in Florida and Hawaii on September 8th.  (Please note: Florida has its own process and requirements.)
  • Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder available in CT, DC & INeffective September 8th
    Please note: These states are also moving to gender distinct rates for the first time.  Unisex rates will remain for Employer Sponsored Groups only.  
  • Updated Personal Worksheets - effective September 8th
    John Hancock will have new personal worksheets in all states (except Florida and New York) to reflect the 2013 in-force rate increase recently requested for approval.  These worksheets will be included in all application booklets and will be available September 8th.
  • The Advertising Compliance Guide for LTC - now available
    This helpful guide from John Hancock outlines LTC insurance advertising regulations and requirements for the Interstate Compact and states, internal review process, and required filings and considerations.
  • The 2014 Medicare Guidenow available
    This updated guide provides you with everything you need to know about the Program.
  • LTC: Desired Premium
    Use Mutual of Omaha's helpful information to get a desired premium for your clients.
August 25, 2014
  • 5 weird places to look for LTC planning prospects
    Where to forage for wise -- and healthy -- consumers.
  • Priviledge Choice Flex 3Genworth microsite
    This product - now available in all states except CA, CT, FL, HI, IN, MD, MT, NY and VT – comes with the availability of FlexFit packages.  These packages give you the flexibility to choose the right fit for your client, combined with the simplicity of prepackaged benefits. There are two package types:
    • The FlexFit Premium package is based on an annual premium. If your client is interested in LTCI, but needs to stay within a certain budget amount, the FlexFit Premium package has options starting at less than $100 monthly for qualified applicants.
    • The FlexFit Coverage package is based on an initial coverage amount. If your client’s focus is on protecting a certain amount of income and /or assets, the FlexFit Coverage package has options starting at $100,000 of initial coverage to help them achieve this goal.
  • Let’s Talk
    Genworth's Let’s Talk provides great tools to help you and your clients have productive conversations about long term care planning.
  • Family history underwritingchanges from Genworth
  • Completing the MutualCare Solutions application
    Take a look at Mutual of Omaha's presentation on Completing the MutualCare Solutions Application.
  • LTC News - from Transamerica
August 18, 2014
August 11, 2014
August 4, 2014
  • LTC- Next Steps Brochure
    You can use the Next Steps Brochure to show your clients what to expect once their Long Term Care policy issues.
  • LTC News - Transamerica
  • Claims serviceagent brochure
    Also, listen to what one policyholder has to say about his family's experience with Transamerica’s claims department by viewing his personal testimony.