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November 23, 2015

  • When should you talk to millennials about LTCI?
    Hint: Pretty soon.
  • Learn about various LTC funding solutions
    The LTC Source is a new website for professionals looking to grow their LTC knowledge. It is filled with tools based on Genworth's 40+ years of LTC insurance experience to give you the expertise required to present personalized solutions.
  • Genworth's Privileged Choice Flex 3
  • Long Term Care Insurance Unwrapped
    This brochure includes strategies you can begin using with your clients today.
  • In-Force Rate Action announcements for Genworth
  • John Hancock's Performance LTC available in NJ effective December 7th
    Get details and transition guidelines.
  • Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder discontinued in NJ effective December 14th
    All John Hancock Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder applications must be signed and received in the Home Office no later than December 14, 2015. LTC Captivate cases must also be signed and submitted through the system no later than December 14, 2015.
  • Performance LTC microsite available in NJeffective December 7th
    The John Hancock Performance LTC microsite will be updated to reflect the addition of New Jersey to states where Performance LTC can be sold.
  • In-force rate action notifications John Hancock for late December
    Get details.
  • Long Term Care premium deductions for 2016
    The IRS announced its annual cost-of-living and inflation adjustments for 2016. Tax laws require the IRS to adjust the dollar amounts of dozens of tax provisions each year to account for inflation, including adjustments for eligible long-term care insurance (“LTCI”) premium deductions. Tax-qualified LTCI premiums are considered medical expenses for an individual who itemizes income tax. Learn more.
  • Overcoming Client Objections About Long-Term Care
    The video below features talking points you can use to start a conversation or overcome client objections. It focuses on the pitfalls of relying on the myths that surround long-term care, allowing you to address the most common misconceptions. Then, your clients will have the facts they need to help them make informed decisions about the future.

  • Tools to out LTCi on your client's radar screen
    It's not uncommon to hear people say, "I need a new car...a new house...a new job." But how often do you hear, "I need long-term care insurance?" For LTC Awareness Month, here are some tools to help you start the LTCi conversation with your clients.

November 16, 2015

  • Genworth creates LTC planner site
    The site offers information both about LTCI and about life-based funding products.
  • Driving consumer awareness and interest
    Many of your clients may rely on false notions when it comes to long-term care. It can be easier to think that other insurance will cover long-term care expenses or that government programs will pay the bills. Or, that they can pay out of pocket if care is ever needed. A great way to help them start thinking about long-term care is to provide them with the facts. This Long-Term Care Quiz can help. It poses some basic questions to test your clients' long-term care knowledge, covering the average lifetime chance of needing care and what they think the care might cost. What they don't know may surprise them and will provide you with an opening to having a real discussion about the importance of planning ahead.
  • Mutual of Omaha rate adjustments - effective February 1st
    A premium rate increase will be implemented on several blocks of business beginning February 1, 2016.
  • Transamerica's LTC NewsNovember 12th edition
    Read this issue.

November 9, 2015

  • Coping with America's coming cognitive decline
    Cognitive decline gets going around age 70. In January, the eldest boomers turn 70.
  • Robin Williams coverage boosts dementia awareness
    Long-Term Care Awareness Month participants hope to start more conversations.

  • LTC Captivate 2.0online insurance application system
    This redesigned system features a number of enhancements that will enable you to adapt to the unique needs and buying preferences of your clients and leave the paper world behind. Click here to learn more, or check out a brief promotional video.
  • 2015 LTC Survey
    John Hancock’s 2015 Long-Term Care Survey will provide you with the insights you need to effectively communicate the value of long-term care insurance as a part of any comprehensive financial plan. View the results.
  • Six ways to start the LTC conversation
    November is Long-Term Care Awareness month.  Here are six easy ways to start a conversation with prospective clients.
  • The Caregiving Challenge
    Learn all about Genworth's Annual Long Term Care Symposium.

November 2, 2015

  • It’s the perfect time to talk to your clients about LTC Insurance
    Long term care can be expensive—whether at home or in a facility—and it could have a major impact on your clients’ finances. As their financial professional, you have every reason to bring up "The Talk." Since November is LTC Awareness Month, Genworth has provided you with a little extra help for those client conversations. They’ve assembled an updated collection of thought-provoking materials ready for you to use with your clients.
  • Genworth's R70i Aging Experience
    As part of their sponsorship of the UCI Road World Championships bike race, Genworth’s R70i Aging Experience was displayed at the FanFest in the Richmond Convention Center. Through demonstrations and an interactive exhibit, people had the opportunity to step into their future selves and experience the effects of aging. Learn more about the aging experience in the video below.

  • Introducing John Hancock's LTC Captivate 2.0
    Since it was introduced, LTC Captivate has provided a convenient online way to educate clients, design a plan, and submit the application. John Hancock is pleased to announce a number of new enhancements, making LTC Captivate 2.0 even easier to use. Watch this video to learn more!
  • Cost-of-Care...The LTC Data for Your Clients
    The LTC Cost of Care book is now available for you.
  • Transamerica LTC sales temporarily discontinued in Hawaii
    Read the announcement for complete details.
  • Transamerica LTC NewsOctober 29thedition
    Read this issue.

October 26, 2015

  • Genworth's Privileged Choice Flex 3updates effective November 16th
  • Talking about the future just got easier
    If your clients are like most people, they aren’t thinking or talking about the financial and emotional aspects of long term care needs. Genworth's Let's Talk suite of educational materials provides tools that include conversation starters and how to overcome objections. Help your clients address the importance of planning and taking care of what matters most. Help them start a long term care conversation today.
  • The LTC Source
    Visit Genworth's newly launched LTC Source to learn more about LTC Funding Solutions; including long term care insurance, life insurance, and annuities.
  • John Hancock's Performance LTC
    • Overview Brochure - NEW!
      This envelope-sized Performance LTC Overview Brochure will help you create interest in Performance LTC by providing your clients with a high-level overview of the product, including how the Flex Account feature works. It’s perfect for use at seminars, or as a leave behind in offices.
    • Signed illustration process
      John Hancock currently requires a signed illustration with every Performance LTC application. Review the highlights about the process.
  • John Hancock's Leadership Brochure -updated
    This updated Leadership Brochure that highlights our many strengths and underscores all of the advantages of partnering with John Hancock.
  • Rate adjustment in KYeffective January 1st
    A premium rate increase will be implemented on the LTC06UI block of business in Kentucky on January 1, 2016.

October 19, 2015

  • Fitting Long-Term Care Insurance Into Estate Planning
    Long-term care insurance can benefit high-net-worth clients’ estate plans, even if they can afford the cost of care.
  • Do your clients know the unexpected cost of caregiving?
    A long term care event often touches an entire family, not just the care recipient. Findings from Genworth’s 2015 Beyond Dollars Survey highlight the financial and emotional tolls reported by caregivers when a loved one needs long term care. Download Genworth's 2015 Beyond Dollars Report and other Long Term Care Awareness Month resources to help your clients prepare for the non-financial cost of long term care. November is Long Term Care Awareness Month. It's the ideal time for educating your clients by starting conversations and helping them plan for a more secure future.
  • Genworth's in-force rate action for AZ
    Read the announcement.
  • MutualCare Solutions available in MTeffective November 1st
    Learn more.
  • Mutual of Omaha's rate increase on in-force LTCi business
    On January 1, 2016, Mutual of Omaha will be implementing a rate increase on in-force LTCi business in Montana, Texas and West Virginia.
  • Mutual of Omaha's rate adjustment for NH, SD & WAeffective January 1st
    Learn more.
  • Transamerica's LTC NewsOctober 15th edition
    In this issue:
    • Multi-Life tools boost your success
    • Get ready for Long Term Care Month
    • LTC Industry Summit keynote speaker announced
    • Underwriting reminder on insulin use
    • Healthcare costs continue to rise

October 12, 2015

  • 3 painful ways poor LTC planning cuts caregivers' income
    Genworth is trying to get policymakers' attention with a new batch of impact data.
  • November is Long Term Care Awareness Month – start the conversation!
    Over the past 12 years, nationwide costs for long term care (LTC) have risen steadily — from homemaker services to nursing homes. Prepare your clients for the costs of LTC in their area by sharing findings from the Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey.  With at least 70% of people over 65 requiring some type of long term care services and support at some point, you can help your clients put a plan in place. Educate your clients by starting conversations and helping them plan for a more secure future.
  • John Hancock's Performance LTC
    • Performance LTC Investment Strategy
      John Hancock’s Performance LTC policy is supported by a unique investment strategy designed to diversify risk and enhance the long-term yield. This updated Performance LTC Investment Strategy Brochure will provide you with an overview of John Hancock's investment approach that includes a broad array of fixed income and alternative long-duration assets.
    • Materials to help you get to know Performance LTC
      Whether you’ve been selling Performance LTC since it was introduced, or the product is new to you, John Hancock has developed material that will provide you with everything you need to know about this innovative coverage.
  • John Hancock's in-force rate action notifications for late October
    Get details.
  • 5 things customers expect
    Find out what attributes customers are looking for when it comes to an insurance company that offers LTCi.

October 5, 2015

  • Genworth's in-force rate action announcement for NY
    Read the announcement.
  • Overcome one of the biggest challenges to selling long term care insurance – price
    Genworth's FlexFit Premium package helps you overcome this obstacle with options starting at less than $100 monthly for qualified applicants. This package makes it easier to meet your client’s needs with prepackaged benefits based on the annual premium. Plus, it provides strong protection even at low price points, with key benefits such as:
    • 1st Day Home Care
    • 3% Compound Inflation Protection
    • Outstanding Privileged Care Coordination
  • Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Partnership Training
    Make sure you are up to date with LTC Partnership training.
  • Transamerica's LTC NewsOctober 1st edition
    In this issue:
    • How Transamerica Secure makes it easier for you
    • New presentation and flyer to educate clients
    • Updated Multi-Life Guides
    • 50 statistics you may not know about LTC