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3 Ways to Help Americans Save More for Retirement

Their hope for peace of mind in old age may start with you.

Pacific Life Turns 150

The insurer aims to show what it hopes to do between now and 2168.

5 Questions to Boost Your 2018 Life Insurance Sales

It's time to shake off the cold and think about how to improve your game.

Voya to Exit Most of Its Annuity Business

The firm wants to focus on “higher-growth, higher-return, capital-light” lines of business.

How 3 Generations Prepare for Retirement

A Transamerica Retirement Survey examines how retirement is changing for millennials, Gen Xers and boomers.

5 Big Questions About Annuities for 2018

Clear ideas about the answers may be scarce, but here's what we'll be asking about.

Obesity Linked to 13 Types of Cancer

For financial professionals who work with clients struggling with weight and health issues, here’s an opportunity for discussion.

4 Key Buy-Sell Agreement Basics

Businesses will be better clients if you help keep them in business.

5 Things an Asset-Based LTC Veteran Sees Today

Pat Foley sees different types of solutions appealing to different types of financial professionals.

9 'What Ifs' That Can Help You Protect More People

Insurers are considering more scenarios these days. Maybe you should, too.

How to Tackle Hard Conversations about Alzheimer’s and LTC

Download the client guide.

When the IRS Wants Your Life Insurance Policy

The government can establish a lien against a policy. It can also foreclose.

Speaker Calls for More Use of Permanent Life in Buy-Sell Arrangements

Joe Ross contends that using permanent life is to using term life what using an iPhone is to using a flip phone.

5 Ways Independent Life Agents Can Start Digitizing

You might still be fine with paper, but that might not last.

The Long-Term Care Insurance Evolution Continues

A founder of the Long-Term Care Awareness Month tradition talks about why he believes it's still necessary.

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Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Planning 101

A lot depends on clients' level of resilience. Thinking ahead may improve that.

4 Things to Tell Older Clients About Their Life Insurance

The author contends that some clients would be better off without their policies.

4 Common Questions About End-of-Year Charitable Giving Strategies

Congress could change the rules soon, but, for now, these are the rules.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Includes Long-Term Care Awareness

November is LTC Awareness Month, making it a good time to have conversations about the impact Alzheimer’s and other diseases can have on retirement plans.

4 Critical Retirement Planning Tips

If clients ignore these basic principles… maybe they will have to buy lottery tickets and hope for the best.

Retirement Saving Checklist: 15 Things to Know That Can Lead to Success

Using this checklist, clients can be better prepared for retirement by assessing their behavior and actions around retirement saving.

3 New Findings About Long-Term Care Planning Prospects' Emotions

Lincoln is trying to help numbers-oriented advisors learn more about clients' feelings.

8 Ways for Agents to Answer ‘What Do You Do?’

Here are ideas about HOW to make those connections that seem to form automatically for other people.

Working Past 70½? Skip the 401(k) RMD Without Penalty

For clients working past age 70½, there is an exception allowing them to defer their 401(k) RMDs until retirement.

Americans Worried About Long-Term Care but Have No Plan to Pay For It

Just a fifth of adults have taken action to finance long-term care needs, and half think someone else will pay, Genworth found.

Best Practices for Salespeople Who Work at Home

Putting your feet up and staying in your pajamas are both ways to sabotage your productivity when telecommuting.

What Do Millennials Really Want?

They're out there looking for a suitable path through a challenging, confusing world.

3 Ways Fixed Annuities Can Outperform Bond Mutual Funds

Some flavors of 'plain vanilla' may be better, for some clients, than others.

3 Types of Designated Beneficiaries You Must Understand

The rules for spouses, unmarried partners and children are different.

5 Living Benefits Available With IUL Products

Indexed universal life products can do more than protect the clients against the risk of death.

Helping Clients Recover Their Retirements - Part 1

This column on retirement is written for clients in their 50s or 60s who did not act, or whose planning was swamped by misfortune.

5 Tips to Build a Senior-Friendly Practice

By concentrating on this growing market as boomers start to hit 70, advisors can provide financial planning services for decades.

California Signs Annuity Cash Surrender Bill

The state law created by A.B. 1398 will set procedural rules for annuity cash surrenders.

4 Basic Retirement Income Risks to Manage

There are plenty of things your clients can worry about. Here’s what they must worry about.

Legal Arrangements Other than Marriage

Here's another look at how clients' household arrangements can affect planning strategies.

The Basics of Establishing an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

An ILIT can help with spendthrift protection, and with elective share right planning for a surviving spouse.

Debts After Death

Maybe someone told you, "Go cross-sell some life insurance." Here's why your clients need that.

Your 5 Best Arguments for Life Insurance (Besides the Death Benefit)

Life insurance should be a bedrock of any serious financial, retirement or estate plan.

Millennials Need to Protect Their Income

Here are five points you can raise that might get the attention of the young invincibles.

Indexed Universal Life: It's Just a Great Investment

Nothing in life is risk-free. But investing in indexed universal life insurance comes pretty close.

5 Prospecting Methods That Really Work

While there’s no silver bullet to make prospecting a breeze, these are the methods your peers say really work.

Why Advisors Need to Be Working With Gen X: The Worried Generation

A Scottrade study found that 83% of Gen Xers say they are likely to seek professional advice about retirement planning.

5 Key Ideas for New Insurance Agents

Wondering where to start? Try this article

'Disability Insurance Is Too Expensive... and I'm Invincible'

Maybe you've protected that client against a stock market downturn. What about a crippling stroke?

5 Mistakes That Could Derail Your Clients’ Retirement

About half of U.S. adults have not even tried to estimate how much money they'll need to retire.